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Daily brushing is one of the most important habits to preserve your oral health. But if you don’t take care of your brush, it can end up being ineffective at cleaning your mouth and preserving your health. We recommend the following tips to care for your toothbrush so it cleans your teeth well for as long as you use it.

Rinse After Use
The most important part of caring for your toothbrush is to thoroughly wash it out after brushing. This will remove the remaining toothpaste and any food particles the bristles picked up. Some people like to rinse with super-hot water or purified water, but that’s really not necessary. Normal tap water will work just fine for this.

Store Your Brush Properly
Making sure your brush dries properly is very important to your long-term health. If you cover it or store it in a place where it can’t dry, then the water and warmth can prompt the growth of bacteria. Use a stand that holds your toothbrush vertically and away from any other brushes. This will allow proper drying and prevent cross-contamination.

Replace Every Four Months
Regular brushing is vital to your oral health, but the constant use is very hard on your toothbrush. The bristles will wear out and stop cleaning your teeth properly. You can tell when this happens by closely looking at the bristles. Worn bristles have split ends and are frayed. This generally happens around month 4, so it’s best to replace your brush then.

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