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Are you aware of the importance of your temporomandibular joints? A temporomandibular joint, also known as a TMJ, is a joint within your jaw that consists of connective tissues, muscles, ligaments and several mechanisms to ensure the ball and socket joint provides care for your mouth and the ability to open and fully close it as needed.

When the time comes to rebuild your smile, have effective treatment plans in place to help eliminate any issues that may arise. As in the case of a TMJ disorder, various problems and issues can arise within your jaw that can set back your entire oral health. Typically, you will need to use heat and ice packs if you are suffering from extreme discomfort or inflammation. If you routinely suffer from a TMJ disorder due to stress in your daily life, use meditative therapies and jaw strengthening exercises to help. In some cases, oral appliances and devices from our dentists can be used, including night guards and bite plates to help alleviate pain and lower discomfort levels.

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