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On the list of oral health care requirements, you will need to ensure your smile can thrive for many years to come, dental erosion prevention should be near the top of your list. Due to the harmful effects of numerous products and substances placed into your mouth, plaque buildup and bacteria present can convert these substances into harmful acids that can eat through your tooth enamel and damage your teeth.

You may be genetically predisposed to dental erosion, at which point it is important to always exercise important oral health care treatments to keep your smile safe. However, other known risk factors that are preventable, include acid reflux disease, dry mouth, and the excessive use of acidic products and sugars. Keep your smile safe by limiting dangerous products that can contribute to dental erosion.

To keep your smile safe, it is important to implement effective dental erosion prevention techniques through the daily use of oral health care cleaning habits. Not only should you be brushing your teeth twice every day, but you should also be flossing every day as well. Furthermore, consider using alternative interdental cleaning tools such as water flossers or cleaning utensils such as mouthwash and sugarless chewing gum after meals.

Extremely chewy foods can be beneficial in the formation of saliva in your mouth. Saliva is extremely beneficial for fighting off the effects of dental erosion, as it can wash away food debris and neutralize harmful acids that can wear away your tooth enamel. Chewy foods with a high water content can produce saliva, as can chewing sugarless gum after meals.

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