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The pressure and friction created from grinding your teeth at night could result in many destructive tooth problems. Causes of teeth grinding can be sleep apnea, stress, anxiety, smoking, alcohol, caffeine, and depression medication.

Dr. Jaclyn Turnbow and our team can provide you with a custom-made night guard as one of your options of treating bruxism and prevent damage to your teeth. While there is no set cure for bruxism, a night guard can prevent many of the harmful effects of teeth grinding by cushioning your teeth. Without treatment, you may experience:

— Teeth that have been flattened, loosened, or knocked out

— Dental pain from exposed tooth nerves

—  Development of tooth sensitivity

— Gum recession

— TMJ disorder in the jaws

— Changes in your facial structure

Over time, the bruxism can result in you needing a dental crown, bridge, dental implant, or denture appliance, but custom-made night guards can prevent costly dental repairs by protecting your teeth. We highly encourage taking preventive action at the first sign of bruxism.

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