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Tooth enamel is the strong substance that makes up the outer layer of the teeth. While the tooth enamel has natural fortifications, it’s not entirely invincible. Tooth enamel requires your help to properly protect the teeth from developing tooth decay. One way to support the tooth enamel, especially on the back teeth, is to receive dental sealants.

The molars and premolars are full of grooves and points on their biting surfaces so that they can provide their chewing power. However, these grooves can sometimes be too deep or too inaccessible to be reached by a toothbrush, allowing particles of food and bacteria to become trapped and convert to plaque. This could cause the teeth to develop cavities. Children can be especially at risk of cavities since they are still developing their oral hygiene habits and often have diets high in sugar.

To protect your child’s teeth, Drs. Gleich and Jensen may suggest dental sealants, which are thin, tooth-colored coatings applied to your child’s molars to serve as shields against bacteria. The process of placing dental sealants begins with a thorough dental cleaning, and then we apply an acidic substance to form a rough surface on the tooth to prepare it to receive the sealant. Finally, we coat the biting surface of the tooth with the dental sealant.

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