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Did you know that stress will actually impact your health? Would you be surprised to hear that stress might also lead to several oral health issues, including bruxism? While bruxism, which is also referred to as teeth grinding, may not seem like a serious issue, but it can lead to several problems.

Unfortunately, many people actually grind their teeth when they’re anxious. With time, teeth grinding wears down your pearly whites and may ultimately lead to tooth loss. You see, if your teeth aren’t even, bacteria and plaque can be harder to remove, leaving you more vulnerable to problems like cavities and tooth decay. Bruxism might also cause temporomandibular joint disorder.

If you’re dealing with temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ/TMD disorder, you might have a hard time opening or closing your mouth completely. Your jaw might also become stuck. These issues can occur because the temporomandibular joint is responsible for the movement of your jaw. TMJ disorder can also cause frequent headaches and a sore jaw.  If you’re worried that you have this disorder, our doctor could help you address its underlying cause. We can also recommend a custom oral appliance to help you deal with your TMJ.

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